Michael and Dana Bryant

Founders of Dauntless Nation and Personal Development Trainers with 12 Years of Experience

Hey there,

Michael and Dana Bryant here. We founded Dauntless Nation, frankly, because we are a few of the hundreds of thousands of pissed-off parents.

Our nation is in trouble. Our family values are under attack. We are being censored, canceled, and deemed domestic terrorists; all because of the family traditions we hold dear to our hearts.

Worse of all, and undeniably at this point, our children are being groomed. The indoctrination through the mainstream and social media is out of control. The education system is in total chaos and the basic life skills once taught in schools are no more. At every turn, war has been declared on our children.

Our Country is in a Spiritual War! The fight for our families is on!

The Dauntless Nation kids and the founders all suited up for a photo

So Why Us?

We have been in the personal development coaching world for over 10 years. We have developed and designed experiential training for adults through our nonprofit and have run a highly successful social enterprise we grew from just $500 and a dream, to $5 million a year in California. We founded the organization out of our own story of struggle and pain. 

Our mission was to serve those that desired to completely transform their lives, no matter where they came from.

What motivated us?

In our 20’s, we made incredible mistakes that cost us dearly. We have always understood that our bad decisions were a result of how we lived our teen years. So, we decided to create what we wished we had when we were young: a teen life skills program.

When the world went mad, which is what 2020 felt like, we took a stand against the madness. Early on, we knew something wasn’t right. California had become a cesspool over the last 5 years and our county had one of the worst lockdown policies in the nation. We had had enough. Our own children deserved better.

We helped the graduates of our social enterprise start their own nonprofit and take over many of the operations that funded the programs we had founded. It is still going well today but we felt that God was calling us to a new mission: to provide teen trainings in the free state of Florida.

We have 5 children and 2 grandchildren. We noticed our teens, 2 still at home, struggling like never before. We watched them isolate, withdraw, lose self-confidence, become depressed, lacking passion and connection. And these were children of a two-parent home that loved them dearly. We thought, my God if our children are hurting this bad, what about those that don’t have the support at home? We began to study the statistics of what the teens were experiencing, shocked that the media was not talking about it more. Yes, even the mainstream media and like most loving parents we kept asking ourselves, ‘what the hell is going on?’

Well, it is abundantly clear what is going on now and we believe that freedom-loving Americans see it just as clearly. There is an agenda and it is the battle for the souls of our children.

It was time. Time to FIGHT BACK.

This generation is unlike any in history. So many generations passed have said this, often in jest, but in this generation, it is entirely true. The digital world is at the fingertips of every American and we do not know the ramifications fully yet of how it is affecting our children. We do believe that the past few years have given us a glimpse into that reality.

The age of information does not mean it is the age of truth. Young people are being lied to, seduced, and sedated into an ideology most parents don’t agree with. Further, it is so subtle and subliminal at times that our youth don’t even realize it’s happening.

Teens are no longer children and not yet adults. The transition within these teenage years is difficult, even in the best of circumstances. Our Country has removed most of the traditions (or diminished their value) into the initiation events that celebrate this transition into adulthood; understanding it is time to put away childish things and take responsibility for your contribution to society. As a result, we have a lot of adult children in our culture today, soft, have poor mental health, have low self-esteem, and are unwilling to do the hard things.

Teens of Dauntless Nation Foundation in a staircase
Dauntless Nation youth

So, who are we? 

We are passionate parents that care about the youth of America; of the world. We are trained coaches that know what it takes to level up in every area of your life because we have done it ourselves and struggled immensely in our own personal lives. And we don’t apologize for it.

We are believers in Jesus Christ but our training and company are not a ‘religious retreat’. The church today, in many ways, is not leading the way out of this mess. Far too many have complied. 

As a Youth Life Coach, we simply invite the teens into an experience, an exploration of who they are called to be, what they desire their life to look like, and an invitation into connecting with their Creator while developing the tools, communication skills, and daily habits to achieve personal success, improve their mental health, develop self-confidence, and use their imaginations. God does the heavy lifting and it is between them and Him how they grow their relationship.

We are also not a ‘political’ group. Although we are sharing who we are personally, we don’t make this about left or right or any party affiliation. The division is what is tearing this country apart. We simply honor the flag and those that have died for our freedoms. Frankly, the youth are watching as we fight on Twitter or post memes on Facebook, instead of focusing on the things that bring us together. Our love of America is about gratitude, not politics. United we stand and unity is at the core of our mission.

The greatest thing about the youth is that they desire truth and authenticity, despite the fake and shallow apps they follow. They will rise to the occasion because they crave it at a primal level and simply hunger for leaders that are willing to be real and raw with them. They want a one-on-one connection with their peers but they have settled for the counterfeit in their social digital world, but when given the opportunity for adventure and face-to-face relationships, they run to it because their souls and self-esteem are starving for it.

The Dauntless Nation Community

Dauntless Nation works with teens on a variety of issues, including academic success, developing independent living skills, essential life skills, motivation, and confidence. We are passionate about helping them reach their full potential.

Dauntless Nation is a community of coaches, seasoned trainers, teens, parents, and guardians that know it takes a village to raise a child. We just have to be very careful who we walk alongside now; very very careful to bind with those that share our values and guide our children in healthy ways that are honoring to God, family, and country.

To all of you fighting the good fight, we honor you. You are not alone and if your teen is struggling, you haven’t failed. We need each other, that has been a truth since the beginning of time. We are designed to be in community, to carry one another’s burdens, to stand shoulder to shoulder for our children and fall to our knees and ask for guidance. It is who we are as a people.

Together, we win. Yes, the battle belongs to God, but it is time to wake up. We need boots on the ground and warriors on the battlefield. Let’s stop all the religious bullshit, judgment, and hatred, and let not our hearts grow cold. Let us BE His hands and feet and fight the good fight!

Our mission is to provide this next generation with a sacred place to grow (quiet the noise of the world) and connect with those they can trust; a unit, a bond that can not be broken.

THIS is the GIFT they receive: a powerful foundation they can build their life on.

In God We Trust,

Michael & Dana Bryant

A group of teens huddling beside the shore with the founder of Dauntless Nation